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CI/CD has grown to become a software development practice which brings down the efforts and the app development cost. It helps us to make the app development process more efficient. It is the fundamental practice for DevOps implementation and bridges the gap between the development and operations team. CI/CD is the backbone of the modern development environment.

Simply CI/CD brings automation to the development process to integrate the code and deliver the product with the team, users, or client.

What is CI/CD?

A CI/CD pipeline can be easily understood as the process pathway through which we can deliver a single unit of production-ready…

Developing an iOS application is a lengthy and hard process. While developing we actually write plenty of lines code and different-different module. Many of the modules actually are repetitive and required in every project like opening the camera, selecting photos, etc. So it’s good to have that class/module with us every time. But keeping this module somewhere where it can be available easily.

The pod is one of the best ways of storing our module in safe hands and easily available. So here we will see how can we create the pod files.


*You should know about creating a single…

Publishing an application not an easy task there are many phases under which the app needs to go. Such as development, testing, etc. Out of that, testing the application is a major task to make the application stable. While testing it we actually maintain different servers(staging, production, development, etc) that we only use while developing and in testing. But when times come where the client wants the final build where we have to change all setup of the server URL and other stuff which we using while testing to Production set. During this time developers have to do it manually…

In today’s programming world it’s important to write code with standard way. For that, we are studying different types of architectural models. Out of that MVC and MVVM are mostly used design patterns and everybody having a good idea about MVC. But when it comes to MVVM developers are not able to differentiate it properly. So I am trying to explain it simply with the same example for both Architectures so that we can understand it properly.

Before understanding the MVC and MVVM I want to add an example which we are going to use.

We are going to show…

Many developers use Git to store their code at a single place and use it from anywhere for doing this there are many steps but not every developer understood why that step needs to be taken. Here I am trying to clear the basic difference between Merge and Rebase.

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Merge is nothing but combining two files into one single file.

But how this is done in Git and many developers don’t understand it. But in the git world, merging is a way of combining the code of feature branch(i.e new branch which is derived from its super branch) into parent…

Many developers interact with API response and parsing of the data to the Custom type or your Custom type to JSON. For that everyone chooses different ways like for loop and etc which is the right but not optimized way. Here I am going to explain the codable concept here.


Encoding means converting your custom type to JSON type which is accepted by API.


Decoding means converting your response data to costume type.

For both of these, we need to confirm an encodable and decodable protocol by custom type.


Is the other protocol which is combined with encodable & decodable…

Many developers have seen that there is an option called Bitcode enable but only a few developers have the knowledge of it. So I am trying to give an idea about this here.

Before going to Bitcode we need to understand what is App Thinning?

App Thinning

From the title itself, we understand it’s related the reducing the size of the app.
Because everybody wants an optimized solution for every problem and when it comes to memory then obviously we are more concerned about it.

So basically App Thinning is the process of reducing the size.

App Thinning has three component 1)App…

Many developers having a problem with understanding the concept generic.
So here I am trying to give some clear idea about it in simple words.

What is Generic meaning in normal life?

To understand generic we need to understand what is generic in our day to day life.
The definition of generic is that its a product without a brand name. means you have only idea about its functionality but don’t know from what it is made of.

What is Generic in Swift?

It’s one of the most powerful features from swift. Because of generic, you can write flexible and reusable code. I would like to say generic is a universal data…

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I have created one Framework that actually provides inbuilt methods to detect the liveness of a person. Framework is created successfully but when that framework is integrated with my app and trying to run on device it was running successfully but whenever I am trying to test it simulator I failed to run it which gives me the following error.

your framework path building for iOS-x86_64 but attempting to link with file built for iOS Device-arm64

I tried every solution for that, like adding all architectures in Build architecture only but it failed then I understand that we have to…

Many developers have a question in mind that, how could be my coding convention?

Now the first question comes in mind that, what is coding convention actually?

Coding convention is nothing but a set’s of protocol that is passed by team or by the developer so that whenever it’s time to look into code after a long break or accessing code by a different developer in absence of developer who worked on that code so that he can easily understand the code. Also, it will improve the quality of your code. …

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